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Archive for March, 2011

Peri-Peri Mussels with Butter Beans.

Origin:Here at last is the mussel dish I have been promising to post from our lunch last Sunday. The weather had turned horrible and the intention had been to braai them in their shells on an open fire, but Plan B was now in order. The heavens had opened, and a dish to warm the cockles of our hearts is exactly what was needed. This is a wonderful recipe to make on a cool day, and is great as a starter for everyone to share while sipping on a  glass of chilled white wine.  Read more

Press Release

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Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone,

Today my blog was officially ‘born’ and so another birthday celebration  to plan each year! I have that same exhausted feeling of euphoria I had when my two girls graced the world and lay  tightly wrapped in their pink waffle weave blankets in those plastic hospital cribs :)

If you click on some of the categories at the top, they may be empty! Sorry! Within the next month or so they will be filled with  lots to read and hopefully loads of inspiration. So stick to recipes for the moment.

I hope you like what you see…if you do, your encouragement won’t go unnoticed!( I now have new admiration for every successful  blogger.) It takes time and passion to find good and interesting content to publish and I hope Marmite on toast is able to do just that for you…..

It is nearly midnight and time for some  sleep, and sweetly creative dreams  - so good-night for today x Lisa-Jane x  Read more

Tooky’s Durban Chicken Curry.

Origin: This time of the year Durban has got to have undoubtedly the best weather in the world! Hot steaming days and balmy nights that are starting to get a little nip in the air.

Weekends are lazy and most often on the agenda is a day at the beach, followed by rugby and a braai thereafter. An unexpected downpour this last weekend put paid to any outdoor plans any of us had!  Read more

All things Bright and Beautiful!

 Love these amazing cake creations from Maggie Austin situated in Washington DC.

‘ Maggie Austin cake designs display symmetry, elegance, and sophistication with the subtle yet unmistakable mark of haute couture.’

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Prawn, Fennel and Ruby Grapefruit Salad.

Origin: This was the starter I found for our family Christmas menu last year, and everyone agreed it was one recipe that should be saved and used another time. It is a fresh, summery and zingy idea you should try for a lunch time pool-party or as a starter for any special occasion.  Read more

The Ultimate Roast Potato

Origin:  Everyone loves roast potatoes and within our family there is a constant battle for whose recipe is King. Here are four contenders for the 2011 challenge. The family member who is worthy of the Potato Head Crown, will be given this portfolio for our next Christmas Lunch.  Pictured on the left is the 4th contender and the best in my opinion! We always do at least one and a half potatoes per person. Ten will feed 6 – 8 guests. Read more

Scones for tea!

Origin: Scones have always beaten me. I am sure most of you can relate to those flop days where you begin all inspired, rush out to the shop to get the ingredients you require, spend ages preparing your homemade goods, only to find, you got distracted, forgot to put the oven on or forgot how many teaspoons of raising agent you had already added. Yip I have done that more than I like to admit. Read more

Sauce Pa Pah

Origin: My friend Jane got us addicted to this recipe that was originally her Grandfathers I think, back in the late 80’s. The recipe has changed substantially over the twenty odd years, and has now been tweaked to suit our families Scoville Scale taste buds!  Don’t miss the second recipe after the sauce for the Flattie Chicken Sauce Pa Pah. Read more

Panos’ Dakos Greek Bread Salad.

Origin:  Last summer we were fortunate enough to spend a glorious 2 weeks with close friends in Greece exploring both land and sea. Ikies Traditional Cave Houses in Oia, Santorini, was where we stayed for the first week, and was unequivocally the most beautiful, peaceful and mesmerizing place I have ever been blessed to visit. The second week saw us skimming the ocean from Santorini back to Athens on a chartered yacht, and that was a whole different experience worth trying.  Read more