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Archive for April, 2011

Puff pastry cases filled with Raspberry Cream.

Origin: My pet hate is being asked to make a dessert for a lunch or dinner party, mostly as I don’t have a sweet tooth and would rather have seconds of the main than waste calories on dessert. Read more

Creamy Coriander and Feta Chicken

Origin: Stuck firmly to my fridge, holding the empty grocery cupboard list is a magnet saying ‘Dear God, if you are not going to make me skinny, please make my friends fat.’ Read more

Time to plan our Easter table settings.

The smell of roasting turkey and baking gingerbread houses has come and gone and all the red, green and gold Christmas decorations have been safely packed away until next year.

But Easter is on the horizon, and it is time to search for all our brighter coloured table linen and crockery and to plan a family lunch to celebrate this special holiday. Read more

The Munro’s Lemon Meringue Pie.

Origin: My friend Ally and I sms each other from all over the country and world if we find a LMP worth rating. Read more

Hellooow – Homemade ceramic jewelery and decor items

Durbs may be the last British Outpost in South Africa, but what we are not, is last in the race of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Since Durban-based designer Merewyn de Heer has made her mark with her homemade range of  Hellooow’ ceramics in the ‘what’s hot’ pages of our local mags, she is definitely a designer to be watched. Read more

Moroccan Lamb and Sweet Potato Pie.

Origin: This delicious hearty pie is my family’s favorite soul food, and as soon as the evenings turn fresh, it replaces Crispy Cornflake and Couscous Chicken Schnitzels on our family menu for the next few chilly months. Read more