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Archive for June, 2011

True South African Milk Tart. (Melktert)

Origin: Melktert (Milk Tart in Afrikaans) is a  delicate creamy custard tart that is traditioanlly an Afrikaans recipe that has distinctive Dutch influences.

This recipe is one I have had for years! In fact it is one of those that I had scribbled in ‘my first’ recipe book – the dog-eared well splattered one. Read more

Sweet Short crust Pastry.

This is Matt Moran’s recipe from a Master Chef class  on last years Australian Masterchef, and is absolutely perfectly the same every time you make it. No developing needed here from the Master him-self.

It’s a keeper and takes two ticks to make! Read more

7 Hour Slow Roasted Shoulder of Lamb.

(What on earth would you cook for Nigella?)

Origin:In a panic one wintry Monday morning a few weeks ago, a friend called to say that there was a possibility that this very evening she was hosting a dinner party for Nigella Lawson, and that she and two other ‘foodies’ were invited to prepare a feast for a dinner party of 12. I was one of them and the main course was our responsibility! (Panic) Read more

Granny Morty’s Spaga-roni Cheese.

Origin:  It is hard to explain to your teenage children that when they reach their forties and have children of their own, pieces of furniture and family heirlooms that they stick their noses up at now, will suddenly become treasures in their lives. They will want to cook the food their mums and grannies cooked for them as a child and they will be frantically looking for black and white photographs of mum and dad’s wedding…..  Read more

Holy Cannoli!

Origin: Our Big Apple expedition is only one week away, and all my dream restaurants have been booked, our trip report planned, and Google maps ear-marked of places to go and people to see. Vaughan and I will be attendants at the Boston Food Photography and Styling Conference. Photographers and food stylists from all over the world meet biannually to do workshops with top names in the industry, sharing and learning the latest trends and technology in this industry.  Read more

Crispy Pie Crust Pastry made with Lemon Cream.

(Enough for a pie base and top)

So easy and so very delicious……  almost has a savory shortbread texture! Click here for the recipe of a wonderful Roast Chicken and Sweet Potato filling to use with this pastry. Read more

Sunday Roast Chicken in a Pie.

(Roast Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie. Serves 8  )

Origin:I love any pie in any form!  To me pies are the ultimate comfort food and if it weren’t for the fact that the buttery crispy crust was so high in calories, I could eat pie every day of my life!   Read more