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Christmas gift ideas.

Vaughan Adams photography

My best friend Ally and I embarked on a mammoth five hour first Christmas shop this weekend! It started with lunch, to do the hit list of course, and ended with a glass of wine, collapsed in a heap to watch the Curry Cup final!

Lovely way to spend the day but my list is daunting as I have 42 ‘specials’ in my life that I need to buy a Christmas gift for! 5 hours of retail therapy saw 4 ticked off and a credit card full of other things I found that were not on the list! So if I average 4 per 5 hours that means I still have a good 47.5 hours of shopping ahead of me!

And I have decided that perhaps that valuable time and attention should be spent by making something home-made. The best gifts I have received have most definitely been ones made with love and thought, and no matter how big or small, it is the thought that went into it, and the fact that the person giving went out of their way to take the time to make it, that makes me treasure those type of gifts.

So here are some ideas.

I found these divine little glass jars, with a painted square of black board paint for you to be able to write your message on the bottle in chalk, at Home etc,  Gateway for R10 a bottle for the small ones, and going up slightly in price the bigger they got.

The medium sized ones are lovely to fill with sweets or chilli sauce and the smaller ones are the perfect size for a batch of fresh pesto.

I had made my mezze platter for the rugby and so quickly filled one with fresh basil pesto, a layer of roasted sweet peppers, a layer of feta , olives and lastly of sundried tomatoes. Tie with a bow and voile – a lovely gift – to be used in the next few days on a salad, or for lunch with crunch ciabatta.

Or a French jar filled with home-made Nougat and Macadamia nut biscuits. I tied a ribbon around a bunch and took them to my friend Zel, to say thank you for hosting the rugby.

In short – there are about 51 shopping days to go….so get your shopping shoes on, or your apron – your choice!

(Anything Martha Stewart at Christmas is a good idea. She never fails to inspire me! Have a look at some of her 2011 images below.)


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