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Fresh Cherry and White Lindt Chocolate Tiramisu

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Origin: This lovely summer dessert was one my friend Lindy, who is a Masterchef in disguise by the way, and known to those close to her as the Salad Queen…made for one of our weekend get-togethers a few years ago.

It is decadent, rich, delicious and worth every single calorie! I think this year I am going to ear-mark this as our Christams pudding, as it can be made up to two days in advance – and looks so Christmas’i’ with the reds of the summer fruit.

I have adapted the recipe slightly to fit in with my ‘Cherry article’ that I am writing for next weeks Food and Wine.

(Serves 10 people)

To soften the fruit:

500 ml water                                                                   250ml granulated white sugar


250 g mascarpone                                                         3 egg yolks

1 egg white                                                                         250 ml fresh cream

3 Tbspoons castor sugar                                              100ml Amaretto, Kahlua coffee, or Kirsch liqueur

100ml warmed milk                                                      300 g Amaretti biscuits or Italian lady fingers

500 g fresh de-pipped cherries or a mixture of cherries, raspberries, strawberries (any summer fruit)

Select a few nice cherries and set aside for decoration

200 g white Lindt chocolate – roughly chopped  

Set aside a little of the chocolate for decorating   

Icing sugar for dusting


  1. To soften the fruit, bring the 500ml of water and 250ml sugar to the boil. Stir to dissolve the sugar and then boil for 3-5 minutes on a high heat. Add the fruit and boil for a further 2 – 3 minutes before removing from the heat. Drain and put into the refrigerator to cool.
  2. Using an electric beater, mix together the mascarpone, egg yolks and castor sugar until creamy.
  3. In a separate bowl, beat the cream until firm and add to the mascarpone mixture.
  4. Again in a separate bowl beat the egg white until soft peaks form and fold into the above mixture.
  5. Combine the milk and liqueur. Dip the biscuits into this mixture until they soften very slightly.
  6. Now assemble the dessert in a large glass bowl or in individual glasses by starting with a layer of biscuits, followed by some of the fruit, the cream mixture, and a sprinkle of the roughly chopped Lindt chocolate.
  7. Continue to layer the ingredients. Decorate with the remaining cherries and roughly chopped chocolate.
  8. Lastly dust with icing sugar.
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  1. Vaughan #

    Well worth the Calories!

    October 18, 2011

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