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Christmas gift ideas.

My best friend Ally and I embarked on a mammoth five hour first Christmas shop this weekend! It started with lunch, to do the hit list of course, and ended with a glass of wine, collapsed in a heap to watch the Curry Cup final! Read more

Fresh Cherry and White Lindt Chocolate Tiramisu

Origin: This lovely summer dessert was one my friend Lindy, who is a Masterchef in disguise by the way, and known to those close to her as the Salad Queen…made for one of our weekend get-togethers a few years ago. Read more


Origin: Oleana restaurant in Boston is at the top of my list of best places to eat in the world. On a recent trip, Vaughan and I had the pleasure of tasting about six different items off their menu. Read more

Fresh Strawberry Butter Icing.

Beautiful topping to add to my favorite Hot Milk Sponge Cake. (Click here for recipe.) Read more

Hot Milk Vanilla Sponge Cake with Fresh Strawberry Butter Icing.

Origin:  My dad found an old school recipe book of mine that I must have left at my grandmother’s home some 30 years ago when he was clearing out  his family home, which sadly has recently been sold. Read more

7 Hour Slow Roasted Shoulder of Lamb.

(What on earth would you cook for Nigella?)

Origin:In a panic one wintry Monday morning a few weeks ago, a friend called to say that there was a possibility that this very evening she was hosting a dinner party for Nigella Lawson, and that she and two other ‘foodies’ were invited to prepare a feast for a dinner party of 12. I was one of them and the main course was our responsibility! (Panic) Read more

Two ways with Burgers – Moroccan Lamb and Boerewors!

Father’s day is around the corner and this week Vaughan and I have been working on the front page of the Food and Wine insert that will be published on or around Father’s Day this year. We were asked to prepare and photograph a full page spread that would epitomize every South African Father’s favorite lunch.

Oh bugger!! That means a ‘braai’. We all know the drill – as much meat and potato as possible and as little or no green anything! (click here if you are a South African man as you may be able to relate…if you are a South African women you probably won’t find it that funny!)  Ok only joking it is not really as bad as that but you get the idea! Read more

Creamy Coriander and Feta Chicken

Origin: Stuck firmly to my fridge, holding the empty grocery cupboard list is a magnet saying ‘Dear God, if you are not going to make me skinny, please make my friends fat.’ Read more

The Munro’s Lemon Meringue Pie.

Origin: My friend Ally and I sms each other from all over the country and world if we find a LMP worth rating. Read more

Prawn, Fennel and Ruby Grapefruit Salad.

Origin: This was the starter I found for our family Christmas menu last year, and everyone agreed it was one recipe that should be saved and used another time. It is a fresh, summery and zingy idea you should try for a lunch time pool-party or as a starter for any special occasion.  Read more