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Posts from the ‘Salads and Vegetables’ Category

Asparagus Gruyere Tart

Origin:  There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a tender asparagus tip, slightly steamed, yet still crunchy, oozing with salted farm butter! Read more

Roast Mediterranean Vegetables and Haloumi with Basil Pesto.

Origin: Roasting is most definitely my favorite way of preparing vegetables as the process seems to bring out their defining flavors and caramelizes all the natural sugars resulting  in a sweet, meaty flavor. Read more

Prawn, Fennel and Ruby Grapefruit Salad.

Origin: This was the starter I found for our family Christmas menu last year, and everyone agreed it was one recipe that should be saved and used another time. It is a fresh, summery and zingy idea you should try for a lunch time pool-party or as a starter for any special occasion.  Read more

The Ultimate Roast Potato

Origin:  Everyone loves roast potatoes and within our family there is a constant battle for whose recipe is King. Here are four contenders for the 2011 challenge. The family member who is worthy of the Potato Head Crown, will be given this portfolio for our next Christmas Lunch.  Pictured on the left is the 4th contender and the best in my opinion! We always do at least one and a half potatoes per person. Ten will feed 6 – 8 guests. Read more

Panos’ Dakos Greek Bread Salad.

Origin:  Last summer we were fortunate enough to spend a glorious 2 weeks with close friends in Greece exploring both land and sea. Ikies Traditional Cave Houses in Oia, Santorini, was where we stayed for the first week, and was unequivocally the most beautiful, peaceful and mesmerizing place I have ever been blessed to visit. The second week saw us skimming the ocean from Santorini back to Athens on a chartered yacht, and that was a whole different experience worth trying.  Read more

Caesar Salad with soft boiled eggs

Origin: Caesar salad is what it is and all kudos to its creator the late Chef Caesar Cardini, who created this wonderful salad in 1924 to impress his famous Hollywood friends. The pic shows this salad combined with Crispy Cornflake and Couscous Chicken Strips. Read more